Real Housewives of Potomac Season 3

S3-E12: Can’t Hide From These Green Eyes

I’ve never before witnessed so much drama over a calendar conflict

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They don’t know how to act when they attend events and are unapologetic when they ruin it
About that Charity Dinner – Are you surprised Karen kicked Gizelle and Robyn out? What were you thinking when Michael was making the comments about iKON?

Monique Samuels: I wasn’t at all surprised that the tacky crew was kicked out right away. They don’t know how to act when they attend events and are unapologetic when they ruin it. Exactly the reason i had zero intentions of inviting them to any charity functions I’m a part of. I’m surprised Karen invited them anyway considering how they treated her at the press conference with no press. When Michael made the comments about the event, we were all genuinely curious as to why we made checks out to Karen’s company for our dinner seat. We later found out that the Alzheimer’s association had blue envelopes available for direct donations, so i took advantage of that and gave a token on behalf of the Samuels family.

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What do you make of this clash outside between Robyn Gizelle and Charrisse?

MS: The petty continues. I’ve never before witnessed so much drama over a calendar conflict. I’m happy that Charrisse stood her ground and did not allow the cartoon characters bully her.

I’m grateful that my eyes are open and I’m officially out of her game
What do you think about Gizelle and Robyn saying that you’re using Charrisse?

MS: Using Charrisse for what exactly? This is truly mind boggling. I’ve never reached out to her to gain access to anything or anyone. When I first moved to Potomac, I would ask Charrisse for the basics, such as, what vet you use for your dogs, what restaurants are good nearby, or where to get manicures. Whenever I had gatherings at my home, I would invite her and she did the same for me. Our relationship has always been 50/50. I’m familiar with her friends from the gatherings in the same way she’s familiar with my entire family that visit and gather at my home. I honestly feel the most used! Charrisse was my BFF when her circle of friends were putting her down and creating “fireman” lies. Now that she’s back in their good graces, she no longer needs me.

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What do you think about Charrisse saying you’re playing a game and implying you’re just a social climber?

MS: In order to be a social climber, you must first be social. I spend more time with my family at home than I do running around the city of Potomac and other areas chasing after celebrities and well known people. The charities I team up with and sit on the board of have nothing to do with anyone else’s contacts but my own! Just check instagram and see for yourself. She has officially joined the “Deflection party” and is pursuing a recurring role on the next Pinky and the Brain spinoff. From what i can see now, Charrisse is the social climber who uses her friends for access and then acts as if she made the connection herself. She used me the same way she uses every one else. She mistook my kindness for weakness and obviously thought she had control over me, my decision making and who I choose to befriend. Clearly she has been playing this game and if you don’t play by her rules, she has a problem with you. I’m grateful that my eyes are open and I’m officially out of her game.

I was being respectful of her business
Describe seeing Robyn and Gizelle at the CBC, were you surprised by their reaction?

MS: I knew Pinky and the Brain would be surprised to see us given the fact Gizelle purposely did not invite us to her booth when she invited the rest of the ladies. Karen and I decided to go to the CBC event regardless, to take advantage of the networking opportunities with the black businesses represented there. I never go where I’m not invited, therefore, I had no intentions of stopping by Giselle’s booth. I was being respectful of her business and did not want to create any scenes that would interfere with her customers. When they approached us as we were leaving, I knew the “scene” was about to happen. I told a white lie and said, “I didn’t see your booth” because I was not going to argue with grown women at an event that has not only been historic for the DC area, but for black people and businesses in general. I gracefully bowed out. Someone has to be the bigger person.

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