Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2

S2-E12: Home Is Where The Truth Is

We’ll be having champagne gatherings in her champagne room weekly as long as I can bring my red wine!

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We’ll be having champagne gatherings in her champagne room weekly as long as I can bring my red wine!
How’s your new house? When’s the big move in? Mirrors on the ceiling yet?

Monique Samuels: I totally love our new home and all of the changes we made to it! It was a process to change the interior theme from traditional to a more contemporary feel, but the goal was accomplished! We began our move 2 weeks ago and should be fully moved in about a week. With all of the traveling, busy schedules and redecorating, it’s taken us almost a year to finally get settled. This isn’t out of the ordinary for us, as it took a little more than 2 years before we moved in to the home in Vienna, VA. We did not put mirrors on the ceiling, but we did get our shark tank! I’m so excited and cannot wait for the big reveal.

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How has having these ladies in Potomac impacted your move to the town? Are you officially the Duchess?

MS: Any time you move to a new area, it’s like starting over. It’s nice to know I have a few ladies I can call on for recommendations for doctors, schools, restaurants and much more. So much stress is taken off of the move thanks to having Charrisse only 6 miles away! We’ll be having champagne gatherings in her champagne room weekly as long as I can bring my red wine!!! I don’t like to be associated with any title. I’m just being me and I’ll get in where I fit in. The only title I need besides “housewife” is “Potomac resident.”

My intention was never to offend, but yet I have offended
What made you take the Indian theme to mean Native American Indian? Do you regret it now?

MS: When we were discussing the party, Karen mentioned “around the world” theme and said to come however you feel comfortable. I’ve always appreciated the culture of not only African Americans, but also Native Americans. I feel throughout history we’ve always shared the same type of story and a similar struggle! Not to mention my great, great, great, great maternal grandmother was Native American. Since we were celebrating cultures around the world, I chose to come with what I could relate to most, as the American version of her “Indian and African” theme. Hindsight, I have no regrets because the experience taught me a powerful lesson. The same way my African American culture is mimicked and unappreciated, the same holds true for Native Americans today. I became desensitized and didn’t realize I was feeding into the very stereotypes and cultural misuse that has haunted not only Native Americans, but African Americans and Asians alike. I became so comfortable over the years while watching my own culture be misappropriated that I didn’t consider the consequences of wearing a sacred headdress that is suppose to be earned. I could have worn a sari and after watching the episode, I would still feel the same way. Although my outfit stood out the most, the entire theme overall reminds us that we need to be more mindful of how we show our appreciation and respect towards other cultures. My intention was never to offend, but yet I have offended. With that being said, no matter what my heart’s intentions were, I apologize to everyone I left with a sour taste in their mouth after watching the finale. I sincerely apologize and I’m determined now more than ever to indulge myself into other cultures and learn before taking actions such as this.

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What did you think of the party – do you think Karen was hiding something? What did you think of that kiss and Karen’s breakdown?

MS: I thought the party overall was nice. I really enjoyed myself and did not want to leave at the end of the night. I definitely think there is more to the story than what Karen is giving us, but as long as she is happy, I’m happy for her. Karen and Ray gave us the performance of a lifetime with that rough kiss! It was like they were trying to prove who loved the other the most with all that aggressiveness. LOL! I can’t say I would want to witness that again! LOL! I love Karen and Ray, and 20 years of marriage must be respected and admired. I think we all were teary eyed when Karen broke down. We all know how much she loves her mother. That was a very special moment.

We often find our purpose through discovering our passion
What’s next for Monique?

MS: Next, I will be moving into one house while trying to sell the other! That’s first priority right now. Now that I finally have the help I need when it comes to running 5 houses and businesses, I can finally focus on my true passion. I’m working on my natural remedies website called, “Not For Lazy Moms,” which was created to give advice and tips on natural remedies. I provide all kinds of tips for moms (and dads) for early potty training, making time for mommy, balancing being a mom, wife and woman, and most important, natural alternatives for relieving allergies, sleeping issues, colds/viruses, weight loss, and everything pertaining to healthy living. I also launched my charitable organization, the “I’m B.O.S.S. Foundation” (Beating Odds, Setting Standards). I created this mentorship and leadership program to encourage young people that they can achieve anything they perceive if they pair that determination with hard work. We often find our purpose through discovering our passion. I’m so excited to tour schools and speak to the young people! I’ll also be teaming up with other charitable organizations, such as, Adoptions Together and The Washington Redskins Charitable Organization.

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