I’m B.O.S.S. Foundation

Beating Odds Setting Standards

If you can change the mindset, you can change a generation

Monique Samuels, President & Founder

Mission Statement

If you can perceive it, you will achieve it! The “I’m B.O.S.S.” Foundation is committed to guiding youth and members of the community through establishing mentorship and leadership programs. Many crave the idea of success, fame and fortune without developing the mentality to be prepared to achieve it. God will never give you more than you can bear, so why not prepare your mind to be ready to receive the blessings he will pour out to you in your due season. We can beat all odds and set standards when it comes to our finances, health, family, relationships, and careers if we can change the way we think. Our perception of any situation is based on the experiences we’ve had and from the way in which we were raised. How can we develop healthier habits and change the mindset? By developing a more positive outlook on life and having the determination to do what no one else has ever done before.